“God Likes Elephants” Terry A. Davis Unisex Graphic Tee

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Celebrate the ingenious spirit of Terry A. Davis with the “God Likes Elephants” Graphic Tee, a garment that not only symbolizes creativity but also supports a meaningful cause. This unique tee is a tribute to the creator of TempleOS, showcasing his exceptional talent and dedication to programming.

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  • Original Artwork: Adorning the tee is an original, “realistic elephant” artwork by Terry A. Davis himself, rendered in TempleOS using his hand-written graphics engine. This distinctive piece captures the essence of Davis’s creative prowess.
  • TempleOS Tribute: The graphic is a direct homage to TempleOS, an operating system created by Davis, reflecting his innovative approach to programming and design.
  • High-Quality Comfort: Made with premium materials, the tee offers both durability and comfort, suitable for everyday wear or as a special keepsake.
  • Support Mental Health Research: In remembrance of Terry A. Davis and his contributions, half of all proceeds are donated to the Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS).
  • Charity Navigator Endorsed: SIRS boasts a 96% score from Charity Navigator, ensuring that your contribution goes towards a trustworthy and efficient organization dedicated to schizophrenia and related disorders research.

A Tribute to Genius: Wearing this tee is more than a fashion choice; it’s a celebration of Terry A. Davis’s legacy and a contribution to vital mental health research. Join us in honoring a remarkable mind while supporting global research efforts with the “God Likes Elephants” Terry A. Davis Graphic Tee.

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